“MUROMETS-1500” Combine harvester (SU 1715 series)


PRICE: FROM 8,000,000 rubles.


Equipped with a YAM238M2 engine
Cab with panoramic view
Air conditioning, heater
Speech autoinformer
Modern electronics
The presence of a transition bridge from the cab to the engine service area
Single hydraulic connector
Turning off the engine from the ignition switch from the cab
Emergency stop button
Disc brake system
Enhanced lighting system – up to 18 LED headlights
The engine power is measured at 240 hp.
The width of the thresher is 150 cm.
The size of the threshing drum is 80 cm.
The volume of double-mesh cleaning is 5.04 m².
The number of keys of the straw man – 5
Water-proof hopper with a volume of 6.3 m³
Fuel tank capacity-500L
The weight of the standard machine is 11t
Overall dimensions 8,846 x 3,880 x 3,940 mm
Passed tests on the Volga MIS


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