DON-1500B Grain harvesters upgraded (with a new cabin)

PRICE: determined by the results of the defect testing and the customer’s wishes


Central location of the cab
The cabin is comfortable with a panoramic view, with air conditioning (heating is an additional option)
Modern electronics, with a speech informant
Electrical connections are modern, dust-proof, quick-release
The engine is moved behind the hopper
The hopper is enlarged, the volume is 6.3 m³
Upgraded cleaning system, sieves are divided into two halves, easy to remove and install
The volume of double-mesh cleaning is 5.04 m².
The cleaning fan is two-section with three air intake points.
Grain losses are minimized.
Fuel tank capacity-500L
The presence of a transition bridge from the cab to the engine service area
Bottom location of the battery box
Chassis frame replacement
Reinforced: solomotryas panels, solomotryas shafts, other shafts
Straw spreader or shredder spreader (customer’s choice))
Researched and approved by the Volga Region MIS



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