A sharp rise in metal and electricity prices may slow down the Russian special engineering industry

The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Rosspetsmash Association was held in Moscow on March 17. Manufacturers discussed the main issues of the development of Russian specialized mechanical engineering

The event was attended by the heads of leading domestic factories, the management and staff of the Rosspetsmash Association. The industrialists discussed the current state of agricultural, food, trailer and road construction engineering in Russia, measures of state support, interaction with state executive authorities and the holding of congress and exhibition events in 2021.

Despite the fact that the production of Russian specialized equipment continued to grow in 2021, the plants faced a number of difficulties that may negatively affect the dynamic development of the industry. One of them is the unprecedented increase in metal prices, which continue to strive upwards.

In order to prevent a sharp rise in the price of products of specialized machine-building enterprises, provided that the pricing policy of metallurgical companies remains unchanged, it is necessary to increase funding for existing state support measures: preferential leasing and lending programs, subsidizing discounts on equipment and other mechanisms.

The allocation of additional subsidies for these purposes will avoid an increase in the cost of equipment for consumers. The source of additional funding for the programs can be the indexation of the recycling fee rates for specialized equipment, which will bring additional revenues to the federal budget of the Russian Federation, will support market participants and ensure the positive dynamics of domestic production.

Another problem is the constant increase in electricity tariffs. The Rosspetsmash Association is currently developing proposals to the government to curb prices.

At the end of the meeting, the Board of Directors considered the issue of joining the Association of eight companies. All the candidates were approved: accepted as associate members or agreed to be put to the vote of the General Meeting.

(Source: PR-service of the Russian Association of Manufacturers of Specialized Machinery and Equipment (Association “Rosspetsmash”)).
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